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“I don’t need an alarm clock. My ideas wake me.”
—Ray Bradbury, 

When the herd raises your child

The world has become a depressing place. Daily we are confronted by the harsh realities of crime, terrorism, unemployment and violence; sensationalized by the Media. If it bleeds – it leads. Often the veracity of stories go unchecked and the devil preys upon our insecurities, so we lap up negativity to feed the fire consuming our spirit.

Small wonder that children fail to discover their own selves – they are too busy being ‘produced’. For many parents this pressure culminates in their child losing all interest. The world is no longer fun. Teens turn from the values and hopes which their parents had for them and as uncertain, fragile beings they lose themselves in the hurt of the dark side.                                                               Read more ...

The inner childhood

The inner child is a concept of self-freedom. It’s a way of being which is completely carefree, not influenced by the ugly side of life; a time of our lives when the world still held wonder and we didn't know what pessimism was. Consequences were not threats and we felt safe in the knowledge that there was someone who could catch us when we fell.

We fear everything around us. Fear is a negative emotion which is both powerful and contagious. It leads to immobility and banishes rational thought. Like too much yeast, it spoils our baking. Children don’t fear; the world is so very new to them.                                                                                       Read more ...

When relatives squat in your life 

It seems that every other family is going through the struggle of having a family member who has moved in with them. Whether through retrenchment or financial reasons, chances are good that you might have a relative living in your life, if you haven’t got one already. Having someone live with you who is financially dependent on you can be emotionally draining if not abusive. This is a global problem which knows no end. Written by someone who has been there and survived, this article shares some insights and practical advice on how to get you loved one back on their feet.                                             Read more ...

Role reversal 

In our fast paced modern world, the pressure is on to keep up and step up. This is a world of incredible inventions and great improvements in health care, but also a very unkind world to senior citizens. The generation gap, daily changes in technology and financial unpreparedness greatly affects those on pension and it is more often becoming the responsibility of children to take care of their parents. This is a great challenge to children, as roles become reversed and often they need to provide parenting to their parent.

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